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I haven't been posting much here because, when I have time for blogging, I have been very much focused on my Christian-centered blog at Wordpress ( I receive great encouragement by researching and thinking about the content I post there. Keeping my mind focused on the things of Christ keeps me from wandering far from God's loving protection.

My interest in politics, although still somewhat big, takes a backseat to everything else when I remember that God is in charge. As King, Jesus takes really good care of us!

I have so many things on my mind lately: my wife's health concerns, trying to maintain a very old house and stress from work. Sometimes these issues keep me up at night when I forget to turn to God and trust His wisdom and guidance (and remember that there is refuge under His wing).

Karen and I have become involved in a Bible study in Willimantic that a friend from our church leads. There are new Christians there, many of whom are strugglin…

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