No matter where you fit in the political spectrum (if anywhere), you must admit that answers to what went down in Benghazi are well-deserved and have not been provided to the American people. The families of those brave, dead Americans are owed an explanation and every single person who serves in the U.S. military and believes that Uncle Sam has his or her back also deserves an answer.

To be honest, I'm a little surprised Mitt Romney hasn't really made much of an issue out of it in his battle for the presidency with Barack Obama. I don't say this for any particular political reason (such as assuring a Romney victory next week), I say it because somehow, some way , we deserve answers. Real answers. Not some political b.s. about an anti-Muslim video being the cause of all of this.

Come on. Let's have the truth. Do we really have to wait until after the election to get at the heart of it? If so, then I really do hope it comes from a Romney administration.


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