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I am not so concerned about the re-election of Barack Obama to the presidency as perhaps my more conservative friends are. There are far worse scenarios than that one. I don't believe it's the end of life in America, the collapse of our economy or a sure sign of the destruction of our friend Israel. My larger concern is the return of a do-nothing congress that includes a Republican-led 'just say no' House of Representatives and a Senate led by the less than honorable Harry Reid.

My desire to see Romney as our next president was more about seeing some compromise in play so work could actually get done. Having been governor of Massachusetts, he was familiar with how to work with those opposed to him ideologically and was able to balance the budget -in the midst of that.

Now that the election is over, it is time to  start healing the fragmentation that has been caused by both sides and work together to find areas we can compromise. We desperately need to conceive a budget that not only does not add to the deficit but starts to dwindle it down so future generations will not have to pay our obligations. In coming together for his second term, perhaps the GOP can start to play nicely and look up the word 'compromise' in the dictionary. Maybe Harry Reid will just suddenly retire and go away. That would be nice, too. Both sides need to do some serious adjusting.

All that being said, our president is now facing a second term. What kind of legacy will he leave? Hopefully it will be one where he was able to get both sides working together to further the fragile economic recovery we are seeing.

As my president, I wish President Obama well. His success is my success as an American. May God bless him and the United States of America.

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