No death penaltyI just read an article on the Wall Street Journal's site in regard to a letter that our esteemed Attorney General has sent to the Minister of Justice for the Russian Federation offering assurances that, if Snowden were returned to us, we wouldn't torture him or impose the death penalty.

I'm not advocating the use of torture or even the death penalty in this case (although often traitors received one or both and he fits the definition).  What bothers me about this is the fact we feel the need to offer assurances and practically beg them to get the fugitive back.  To me, it shows the diminished standing we currently have in world affairs.  They should return him because it's the right thing to do and we should impose some penalty on them if they don't.  I'm sure they would demand the same of us, and somehow I don't see Putin begging or making promises that he wouldn't mistreat him or see the death sentence imposed.

This case is much bigger in its implication than one publicity-seeking traitor.  It definitely brings to light the lack of respect we currently enjoy as a nation and a 'super power.' What we do with the treasonous Snowden should be our affair and ours alone.

What are your thoughts about this?
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