Charles Krauthammer

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Update: I just recently picked up Charles Krauthammer's new book Things That Matter and am looking forward to reading it. Apparently in this book he discusses how he slowly migrated from a liberal perspective to become a conservative in his political philosophy. I'll post more on the book after I actually sit down and read it! I also just ordered  Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America  by Glenn Beck and am looking forward to reading that. I'm hot and cold on Beck--but, over all, I like him. In one sense I am like  Dr. Krauthammer-- in that, while once a died-in-the-wool liberal, as I grew older [and hopefully wiser] I evolved into a conservative. So, in that sense, the theory of evolution is real--politically. Otherwise, the Bible tells me what I need to know.
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