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Scandal is a word that seems almost synonymous with politics. Everywhere I turn, some politician is embroiled in yet another scandal: be it monetary, sexual or whatever else you can think of. The flavor of the week is the "bridge scandal" involving Chris Christie. Most other governors would be [at best] a one-day story (and many a small one at that). So why is Christie such a big deal (outside the obvious New York and New Jersey locales)? Because he is a likely front runner in the 2016 presidential race. And he is a well-known Republican who gets along with Democrats.

I have to say, I've never been a big fan of his. His brash style does not impress me and I do not have a hard time seeing him exercising "bully tactics" to get what he wants. I don't care about his weight, the fact that he is Republican or that he is seen as a conservative by some (concerning his views on gay marriage and abortion) and as a moderate by many others (his relationship to President Obama as evidenced during the Sandy crisis). In fact, being a moderate Republican is a plus in my book. It's fine to have conservative values (I do) but it is critical that one be able to compromise to get things done for the good of their state and the country as a whole. Christie seems to have that ability. Moreover, I credit Governor Christie for his change of heart regarding abortion.

In the meantime, how many people get away with scandals on a regular basis? I am not referring to Democrats in particular, either--I'm talking both sides. But, on the subject of Democrats: what about Fast and Furious? What about Benghazi? Some accuse Fox news of over-blowing Benghazi to achieve higher ratings. Perhaps. I will not defend Fox News' motives, as I really don't know. But what I do know (from multiple news sources) is that four Americans are dead, gag orders were placed on the survivors, and the attack had nothing to do with some guy's anti-Muslim video as we were initially told. That has been shown to be clearly a put-up story. But nobody is held accountable. Hillary is still likely to run for office and she "assumes full responsibility," which is worthless without consequences. How about the totally botched roll-out of the Affordable Care Web site? How long did they have to prepare? How many times did Sibelius meet with Obama one-on-one to discuss it? Google for the answers and consider more than one source to be sure. I think you will find the answer to be ZERO. After you have done that, explain to me why they have been allowed to get away with it without somebody paying a price for their lack of leadership and [perhaps] caring?

If Christie is found to have knowledge of the "Bridge Scandal," he should be impeached and criminal liability pursued. A person died that might not have and millions of dollars were lost in wages. If he is found to be the type of governor that allegations are pointing to, denying money and handing it out for political favors (endorsements) then, also, he should go. People need to be held accountable and face the consequences of their actions. That doesn't include just feisty governors, it covers presidents and their cabinet members, as well.

If we held politicians accountable for what they do and actually penalize them in a real way when they betray the public trust, the word scandal would have nowhere near the daily use it seems to be getting now in the media.
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