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Spring Update

Well, I'm back to work after a nice weekend. It was one of those weekends that seemed to be over too quickly. I managed to do a tiny bit of yard work (planted some tulips and hyacinths that were finished blooming in the ground). I also broke out the Miracle Grow and gave some of the plants their first round.

On Saturday, a friend and I took a ride out of town to a Christian bookstore we know about and were able to spend a few hours talking and some time perusing books; that was followed up by a worship service and dinner at church after that. Every Saturday we attend a service at a church that Karen and I have attended for some time and have fellowship and food after that with many who stay after worship ends. Karen and I look forward to that as a nice way to end a Saturday.

For me, as much as I love the people that go to that particular church, I struggle with some of their style and doctrine. I have also been going to another church that is much more traditional in style, as well as into exploring/studying the Bible in its original languages. In terms of doctrine, so far, I find that I am more in agreement with the  church I recently started attending on Sundays. I also prefer more traditional hymns. It may sound like my decision should be an easy one, but it is hard to tear myself away from a place I have been going to for a while and have made friends at. The truth of the matter is that it should never be what I think I am getting out of it or personally prefer, but where I am being led to go and where I can best worship God and learn about Him through the study of His Word. Eventually, I know I must make a decision and go to one or the other. I don't say this because I plan to "break fellowship" or "shun" anybody over doctrinal differences-- I fear there is far too much of that going on in the church as a whole today and I suspect Satan really loves it. I say it because my time and resources are finite and should be fully applied to my 'home' local church fellowship. Anyway, I don't need to make that decision today-- there is far more important and immediate things on my plate (just something that is on my mind). Stay tuned...

Two of the grandkids were over yesterday and it was nice. My oldest grandson Romeo and his little brother Julius spent the afternoon [and some of the evening] with us and it was nice to see them. Lately, I manage to see them for a while about every two weeks. Karen gets to see them a little more often because she is off of work  right now and can  drive out to their place in just a few minutes (they're about 5 miles away). I'm not complaining, mind you. I feel blessed that we can see them as often as we do and it is not always convenient to have children around when other things are happening, anyway. I see more of them and the children that live upstairs from us [that will probably be the subject of an entirely new post in the near future].

The burnt out, abandoned house behind us is finally being scheduled for demolition. Speaking of that, I discovered that there is an easement across my driveway that may well be the catalyst for an insurance claim [title deed]. No matter what, we will be glad to see that awful mess gone. It has been an unattractive hazard since the day we moved in; it is home to cats, raccoons and who knows what else (definitely mice). I'm always afraid that a child will go in there and become harmed or trapped.

I love the Spring. It is my probably my most favorite season of the year (closely tied with Autumn). It was an exceptionally hard winter and I fear a few things didn't make it. However, I have plants coming up that I would not have expected to survive (including a couple of mums that are normally treated as annuals). The first flowering appearance this season was a tiny viola that popped and started blooming a few weeks ago (the snow was barely gone). It has grown into a beautiful specimen!

Karen still waits for word on when she will get the surgery she needs for her shoulder. I have to say I am not impressed with the representation she is getting and would like to see more attention paid to her case. That's another subject for a post that I may never really be able to do. Suffice it to write that I am often surprised by the lack of information and occasional misinformation we have received. There seems to be way too much "I don't know" coming from her lawyer's office, in my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong. At the very least, this entire affair has been extremely frustrating.

Let me wrap it up by acknowledging that everybody has problems to face in their day to day life, be they financial, health, relationship... whatever. I still feel incredibly blessed in my life by God and am satisfied more than words can tell of my relationship with Him that is possible because of Jesus. I make no apology for that nor will I try to hide it, even in this modern world that sees itself as "enlightened." The Bible tells me that I should give thanks in all things (1 Thessalonians 5:18).


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