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What's Old Is New Again

I went to a men's meeting last night that I had been a part of for many years and had gotten away from. A man named George had created the meeting as a place for men to go and speak about the issues in their lives without fear of repercussion. After he left the area and eventually died, it seemed like the meeting had changed (of course, any time a strong influence or personality is removed from a group of people, there will be a vacuum to be filled and the dynamic in play will certainly change). Anyway, I was moved when I found out that my name was still in the membership book after all these years. I got a lot out of the meeting and was pleased to see many familiar faces and meet some new ones. I feel like the Lord may have led me there, through a chance encounter with somebody I had not previously known who sold me a set of tires for my truck recently. I shall return next week. I found myself making a commitment to the group to start attending again, which is something I wouldn't usually make so quickly. Somehow, I am compelled to do so. I don't know if it is for me or some unknown cause that I feel drawn back there-- but as is always the case, more will be revealed.

On Friday night, I am going with a friend to a group called "Reformers Unanimous" that meets at an Independent Baptist Church in Groton. I know that the congregation is fundamentalist and KJV-only. (I guess anyone reading my other blog would conclude that I am somewhat fundamentalist and 'KJV-mostly'). I don't say that with any malice or challenge, it's just that I find it odd that a church like that would host some sort of addiction recovery meeting like that. It is not something I have encountered before. If anybody has ever attended one of their meetings or can shed some light on what they do, I'd be happy to hear from you.

Other things...

The time for me to put off doing the roof of our house is quickly running out. Another little leak has sprung up. I have friends doing some flashing and caulking to hopefully stop it and maybe buy us some more time (perhaps a year). If not, I can't complain. God has blessed us with the capability of getting it done now if we absolutely need to. It may be uncomfortable, but it is do-able and that is more than some people can do right now in a tough economy living in a tough state to prosper in. Connecticut, with its tax-and-spend government is not conducive to employers and hence, things are bad and maybe even getting worse instead of better as time marches on.

Karen and I are both starting to question the capability of her legal representation to get what is fair for her, She is still awaiting an operation that her worker's compensation insurance company has been denying. It is ridiculous and could lead to even more complications medically for her as they delay, delay, delay. Please pray for a speedy and just resolution to this for her.

Our two grandkids who live nearby have been a blessing to us, as we watch them grow and define their unique personalities and hone their talents. Romeo is doing exceptionally well in school with his spelling. I think he is the smartest 8 year old I know. How did he get to be 8 already? I could swear he was just born yesterday! The years seem to go by quicker as time progresses, but I say that without complaint. My life has been rich and full. Julius is a true character and it is neat to watch his personality develop and his ability to communicate. His sentences are making more and more sense and give us plenty of reasons to laugh and smile as he expresses himself. I do love those boys.

The other grandchildren who live upstairs (?) I would love to get to know. Perhaps someday that will happen. I really think that things would be so much better for everybody involved if they moved somewhere else. I have learned a lesson about renting to family. In the meantime, the situation is tolerable-- but that's about all I can say about it. I hope for that to change some day, but if it doesn't, I'm okay with things, anyway. I still have plenty of things in my life (and our lives as a couple) to be grateful for.

It is 16 years today since I surrendered to alcoholism. For that, I truly thank God and all the strength, wisdom and humility He has given me to stay sober.


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