Stop the presses!

Can we please stop the politicizing of the murder of 9 innocent worshipers by a deranged lunatic? I am not a gun fanatic by any means, but seizing the opportunity to launch yet another assault on the liberties of Americans (who happen to own firearms) at a time when the country needs to be grieving the senseless, horrific loss of 9 lives seems wrong. I wish we could have the gun control conversation another time and use the present to grieve the loss of 9 decent, God-fearing people. Can we also stop using the guy's name so much? Quite often deranged people [as the shooter clearly is] love to know that their name is being put out there with frequency the media.

People wonder how to reverse this seemingly escalating trend toward violence in America. I have an idea: turn back to God-- the God of the Bible upon which this country was founded in faith.


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