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Updated NASB?

I read in a Facebook Group posting that the Lockman Foundation is releasing an update to the NASB later this year. They just released an update to the Amplified Bible-- that I find much easier to read and more sensible, in terms of amplification. I think most reviews about it are pretty much positive. I have been a fan of the 1995 update to the NASB for some time now and understand why it is the favorite Bible translation of such respected and trusted Bible teachers as Charles Stanley and Kay Arthur. I suppose, after 21 years, it might be time to do some revisions. I just hope they don't revise it too much, as I like it fine just as it is. For that matter, I have a NASB Keyword Study Bible that uses the 1977 edition of the text-- I like that pretty well, too.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it is time for an updated NASB, or do you think the 1995 edition is adequate? Perhaps you don't even read the NASB and have another favorite edition of a literal translation (such as the ESV, MEV or NKJV) that you prefer. I would like to hear about that, as well..


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I just watched a really good message from Fr. Cedric called "Forgive and Live." As he pointed out, the Lord's Prayer instructs us to pray "forgive us our sins as we forgive others." Sure, as Christians we all know how much we need forgiveness from God and will even admit sometimes we do others wrong and should ask forgiveness from them.  But, what about when people wrong us? Not so easy sometimes to forgive, is it? Perhaps we need to stop and think about the patience God has had for us that has produced the tremendous amount of forgiveness He offers.

Dealing in Hope

My Uncle Carl died recently at the age of 102. Having lived a long life, he was well-liked and respected by many. I can't really say a lot about him, because I only started getting to know him these past few years. He was my father's older brother from a rather large family of 9 brothers and sisters and two adopted nephews. I can get a little sad when I think about my father's dwindling family. I have lived long enough to see all but one of the brothers and sisters pass. Of course, I must remember that for everything there is a season -- as the writer of Ecclesiastes so eloquently wrote. I attended his funeral for the sake of those he has left behind. It was not about him; we celebrated his life while he was here whenever we saw him or he passed a milestone on his journey. It's about those left here. It's about the Gospel message. After all, for a Christian, isn't it really all about the Gospel? It's about being a dealer in hope. it's about eternity wi

Hate Speech

The amount of vitriol directed at President Trump seems to be unprecedented. At least, that is what those on the right seem to think. Of course, I remember plenty of criticism and hate speech hurled at President Obama during his time in office, as well. I don't think I really need to mention President George W. Bush, do I? There has never been (in my lifetime) such a level of animosity between opposing viewpoints as I see in today's America. Democrats hurl murderous accusations against the Republicans for their healthcare proposals and those of a conservative view sling accusations of incompetence and hypocrisy back at them. Of course, either side is generally pretty good at documenting their accusations with freshly spun 'facts.' No matter where you fit into the political spectrum, it is important to note that such contention is counter-productive. Whenever people react at the behest of their emotions, clear-headed and rational decisions are nowhere to be found. Mo