Updated NASB?

I read in a Facebook Group posting that the Lockman Foundation is releasing an update to the NASB later this year. They just released an update to the Amplified Bible-- that I find much easier to read and more sensible, in terms of amplification. I think most reviews about it are pretty much positive. I have been a fan of the 1995 update to the NASB for some time now and understand why it is the favorite Bible translation of such respected and trusted Bible teachers as Charles Stanley and Kay Arthur. I suppose, after 21 years, it might be time to do some revisions. I just hope they don't revise it too much, as I like it fine just as it is. For that matter, I have a NASB Keyword Study Bible that uses the 1977 edition of the text-- I like that pretty well, too.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it is time for an updated NASB, or do you think the 1995 edition is adequate? Perhaps you don't even read the NASB and have another favorite edition of a literal translation (such as the ESV, MEV or NKJV) that you prefer. I would like to hear about that, as well..


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