Bad Behavior

Donald Trump's behavior at times as been excused away by the aggressive playing field in the Republican primary fight. It has been said that he had to play "hardball" in order to clear the field and fend off the many attacks that came his way. I guess, buy that reasoning, his offensive comments about Carly's face and Marco's "smallness," among other things, are supposed to be okay. We have also been assured that he will start acting a lot more 'presidential' as the election season moves on. Sorry, I don't buy it. I think he is who he is. We must accept him for who he is or vote for the other candidate -- which, for most of us, is unthinkable.

The only good thing I can say at the moment about him is that he claims to be pro-life, a shift from his former pro-choice position. He has shifted positions more than once on several key topics; let's hope that he means it with this one. I think  a lot of unborn lives are depending on it. Hillary's support for abortion and her track record as Secretary of State cause me not to even consider her for one moment. Aside from the critical stance on abortion, she does not deserve to be president -- based solely on the way the whole Benghazi issue was handled. Also, let's not forget the email scandal she is presently embroiled in.

So what are we left with? Donald Trump. Unbelievable, especially when I think about the massive number of candidates we started with.

To be clear, I am not in the 'Never Trump' camp. Their shenanigans could eventually be enough to undermine everything, assuring Hillary the big chair in the Oval office. While I am not the type of Republican who says he will vote for whoever the nominee is, I can say with assurance that I am in the 'Never Hillary' camp.


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