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I decided to write a short post as I sit at my desk waiting for someone remotely connected to my computer to [hopefully] fix an issue we are having. As the summer begins, it brings with it a plethora of issues, both at home and work to contend with. We are still dealing with the issue of getting rid of unwanted tenants and all of the emotional baggage that produces. My wife has another month to go before she finally gets the surgery on her shoulder that she so desperately needs. I'm looking forward to getting the apartment upstairs fixed up and re-rented when our current occupants leave.

In other news... There's a lot going on at Mystic Seaport this summer, beginning with Arts on the Quad. There are a series of performances taking place on the Gallery Quad this summer. Bring a blanket, chairs, a picnic meal and join us for a fun evening. A schedule of performances and the ability to purchase tickets online is provided at in the upcoming events section. Hope you join us!


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