Recent Developments

Let's see... the DNC chair has resigned abruptly, due to an email scandal within the party. The Russians are being blamed. Some even think that Trump had a hand in it. Of course, no proof of the latter, but you know somebody had to throw it out there. The liberal media is, of course, doing their usual leftist damage control by trying to focus not on facts, but on the DNC as somehow victims of some Russian conspiracy -- aided by the evil Nazi Donald J. Trump. Will Hillary and her VP running mate get booed at the convention? Hard to say. It wouldn't surprise me at all. Do the Sanders supporters have a right to be angry about this? You bet!

So much for unity in the Democratic party. Let's see what happens. The last I heard, Trump is now slightly ahead in the polls. It's going to be an interesting election season. In many ways, a sad one.


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