Returning to The Swamp...

Donald J. Trump campaigned heavily on the promise that he is going to 'drain the swamp' that is Washington, D.C. He appealed to the forgotten middle men and women in America, as well as the evangelicals for his positions on issues like gay marriage and abortion. (It is worth noting that many of his positions have changed since he decided to run for president. He was once pro-choice, now pro-life and I personally don't believe he really has any interest in some moral issues like gay marriage one way of the other. Perhaps I am wrong on that one, but I just don't see it right now). I saw bumper stickers and apparel that said 'drain the swamp,' obviously identifying the wearer as pro-Trump, during the heated campaign. At any rate, his views, coupled with Hillary as a weak and scandal-ridden candidate, procured him the office of the president.

President Trump's incendiary rhetoric has certainly not stopped since he took office. His use of Twitter, in my opinion, is beneath the office of the presidency. Many of his cabinet picks are questionable and his press secretary leaves a great deal to be desired. His attacks on much of the American media are becoming old and very transparent. Cast President Trump or his administration in a bad light and offer examples and your assertions and evidence will quickly be branded "fake news' by the propaganda machine. That is getting old.

On the other hand, there is a constant barrage of accusations and ridiculous accusations from the left. The Democratic party is in total disarray and will not admit to themselves a body that they lost the election because they ran a terrible, scandal-ridden candidate who represents the old Washington regime and 'good ol boy's club' and are out of touch with much of middle-America. They still try to cast the Republican party as an organization of rich old white folks who care nothing about the masses and are only interested in finding new ways to line their pockets at the expense of the citizenry. I am sure some of those in the Republican party are such people as the accusations infer, but I don't think the situation is any different on the Democratic side. Many members of the Democratic party make over $400,000 a year -- Perhaps more than the G.O.P. membership.

The conclusion I have reached is simply this: the Democrats are enraged, in denial, and will stop at nothing to rid themselves of the ultimate reminder of their failure: President Trump. On the other hand, he seems happy to oblige them in their efforts with plenty of tweets, bad decisions and baseless accusations of his own. The end result is this: nothing is getting done that should be getting done right now. It's a repeat of the past 8 years. The cast has changed, but the script seems to remain the same. The swamp is not only intact, but getting a little mirkier.


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