I haven't been posting much here because, when I have time for blogging, I have been very much focused on my Christian-centered blog at Wordpress (1peter311.wordpress.com). I receive great encouragement by researching and thinking about the content I post there. Keeping my mind focused on the things of Christ keeps me from wandering far from God's loving protection.

My interest in politics, although still somewhat big, takes a backseat to everything else when I remember that God is in charge. As King, Jesus takes really good care of us!

I have so many things on my mind lately: my wife's health concerns, trying to maintain a very old house and stress from work. Sometimes these issues keep me up at night when I forget to turn to God and trust His wisdom and guidance (and remember that there is refuge under His wing).

Karen and I have become involved in a Bible study in Willimantic that a friend from our church leads. There are new Christians there, many of whom are struggling with addiction and developing their newly found walk with Christ. I am not sure whether or not the Calvary Chapel we attend will buy the building that houses this struggling new church plant, but am sure there is a serious need for Christian ministry there. I spent some time in college in that town and can tell you from first hand experience there is a great need of the gospel in that town -- as there was back in the late 70's. Unemployment is high, drug use is high and people are suffering. Of course, that can be said of anywhere in this fallen world when I stop to think about it. I just know it is blatantly obvious in Willimantic.

I think it is appropriate to place a Bible verse here: And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. -Mark 16:15 (KJV)


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